2014 Brings Greatness

April 7, 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. Keeping this event forever in our hearts and minds, it is a powerful reminder of why we are motivated and inspired to have this organization and positively contribute to the lives of Rwandans.

There has been some very exciting things happening in the life of Rwanda Sustainable Families (RSF)!

In 2014, particularly, we have begun widening our presence around Gainesville, FL.

Our longtime volunteer, Will, established a connection with the Downtown Farmer’s Market at Bo Diddley Plaza. Alongside other vendors, RSF has set up shop to promote our cause, and our artisan goods made in the Co-Op in Rwanda, are a huge success.

We have also had three successful events/fundraisers in the city. All of these events have been great promotion of our cause and have allowed us to keep our mission alive and strong!

Agbedidi Performance

Agbedidi Performance

On March 22nd we partnered with Mohamed da Costa, the director of the University of Florida Agbedidi African dance ensemble. They gave a spectacular african dance demonstration and performance.

On April 5, we partnered with the Downtown Gainesville Rotary Club and Applebee’s for the annual flap-jack fundraiser. Thanks to the funds from this event, we will be able to make another water cistern in Rwanda this summer.

Downtown Rotary Flap Jack Fundraiser

Downtown Rotary Flap JAck Fundraiser

The Downtown Rotary club also stepped into help us for our annual garage sale that took place on April 12. They contributed labor and many donations, and without them this event wouldn’t of been possible. The RSF garage sale, hosted by the amazing Dr. Joanna Peris and the UF Kappa Epsilon fraternity, generated over $1500.
RSF Garage Sale

RSF Garage Sale

This summer the U.S. RSF team plans on returning to Rwanda in July to complete many summer projects including: creating a new water cistern, making repairs on old structures, financing more micro-loans,interviewing micro-grant recipients and making adjustments to the program/support, and finding local markets for the co-op goods.

Thank you so much for your continued support! A special thank you to the Downtown Gainesville Rotary Club, Dr. Peris, KE, and of course our amazing RSF team. Stay tuned for more updated from our new blog.


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