During the summer of 2012, we built a playground,provided the primary school with it’s first library, installed five concrete rain harvesters for the Twa villagers, provided a new business for creating small clay water filtering systems, established our two Cooperatives as Rwandan Fair Trade Members and revised the micro-loan program to insure its continued success.

RSF Annual Fundraiser Dec 1 4-10 pm

Since 2014, we have started a preschool called Mucyo, which means light. We have 60 children aged 4-7 who are fed daily and enjoy singing their abc’s and learning about life, playing with learning toys, socializing with other children and restoring hope for their future. The twa children who graduate continue to come by Mucyo in the morning before they go to primary school. We also continue to support, as of 2016, 27 Mucyo graduates in primary school.


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