Clean Water Project

Clean Water for Life Project:
During the summer of 2012, RSF made a difference in the most meaningful way imaginable: We provided clean water to some of our villagers in Gisenyi who were drinking polluted creek water and who constantly struggled with water-borne illness.

When we visited the Twa village in 2010 and  2011, we found that most of  the children had open, infected  sores, primarily on their legs. These infections would not heal, due to the lack of proper wound care and clean water.

Under the guidance of Jessica McElroy, and funded by the Davis Projects for Peace grant, we constructed  large cement rainwater tanks next to the new homes in the Twa village. We  also  installed clay filters in each of the homes of the Twa and all of the other RSF families. We created health education murals on the rainwater tank to promote healthy living, engaging the community in this joyful activity. The children were thrilled to help create this beautiful artwork.

When we have returned to work with our Twa children, we are happy to report that they no longer had open sores on their legs and were all enjoying the fresh, filtered rainwater.
As water is essential to life, we were very excited to  provide clean water to Rwanda!!

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