About RSF

Rwanda Sustainable Families

Rwanda Sustainable Families, (RSF) is a NGO micro- credit loan program in Rwanda that is hosted in Gainesville, Florida.

Mission – To help Rwandan families in starting small, sustainable businesses and support education for their children as a means of ending the cycle of poverty.

What we do:

We raise funds for micro loans for impoverished families to start small businesses and place their children in school in Gisenyi, Rwanda where our team has worked for the past three summers. We have a close working relationship with our Rwandan RSF team, who send frequent reports and photos updating us on the progress of all family and co-op ventures and classes. On our visits, we offer business skills training, co-op training and provide new loans. We support the education and expansion of the RSF founded Komera Artist Cooperative and the newly founded Umugisha co-op that has 31 women with HIV.

With our artists, we have teamed with UF Center for Arts in Medicine to offer arts in healthcare murals and pictorial education. We offer social studies and science lessons in the primary school, bring school and art supplies, reading glasses, medical supplies and the hope for change for the villagers of Murara and the Twa village where we work.

Rwanda Sustainable Families from TWO-HEAD VIDEO on Vimeo.

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