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Most of us  recognize that we are one global family. We always have been. We care a great deal about one another. It’s the way we humans are essentially. We are kind, empathetic and loving.

As a caring society of human beings, we do the best we can to assure that every person lives a happy, productive and meaningful  life.  It can happen like this: one ordinary morning we wake up one and discover a brand new extraordinary opportunity has arrived at our door. We see that on this day we can encourage, support, and love someone close by or someone living very far away.  We act in ways that support one another as we collectively create a more peaceful world. One great village.

Every year we plan to return to Rwanda to further reduce poverty and famine. We need your help each year. You can help  by joining  RSF as  a Family Member. Try it for a year and if you like it, renew your membership each year.

Here are our Family Membership Levels:

  • Benefactor $1000
  • Patron $500
  • Sponsor $250
  • Momma or Poppa $100
  • Sister, brother $50
  • Friend $25

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